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The Leading Local House Movers in Auckland - www.ecomovers.co.nz

Our Mission

Go beyond.

Who We Are

At Eco Movers & Logistics, we always mean business. We dedicate ourselves to clients’ needs in order to provide them the best house moving and logistics solution possible.

Every need to move, we make sure that all things are handled with utmost care. Our clients’ personal belongings are also of value to us. From booking to shipping, we take pride of our work and we guarantee that your requests are handled professionally without a bit of a hassle.

Quality is our main concern, be it for residential or business moving and logistics, every client receives the same quality service from us.

Our mission at Eco Movers is to go beyond just service. We like to be the pioneer of transforming the moving and logistics industry, and going above and beyond, committed to guarantee 101% customer satisfaction. That is happiness delivered at your doorstep!

What we do

We help residential and business clients with their moving and logistics needs, whether it be within New Zealand or outside the country. We have partnered only with established and most trusted suppliers and companies in over 150 countries to provide quality excellence.

Eco Movers level of quality is not only based on good pricing nor on good customer service alone. We believe that excellence can only be achieved in moving and logistics when the service has quality, has been delivered on time, and at a reasonable price. Without all three factors, the purpose of the client is useless and unsalable.

If you agree with us, we would love to work with you!

We Offer

Residential Moving

Commercial Moving

House Movers Auckland

Long Distance Moving

House Movers Auckland

Item Delivery

House Movers Auckland

Moving Overseas

House Movers Auckland

Furniture/Green waste Removal

House Movers Auckland

Hire Labour/Truck Driver

House Movers Auckland

Packing Services

House Movers Auckland

Send Parcel to Overseas

House Movers Auckland

Storage Units

House Movers Auckland

B2B Logistics

Our Merits

In the span of 12 years, we have become one of the fastest growing moving and logistics company in Auckland. But we could not have done this on our own. We have our loyal customers to thank for our success, which was a result of mostly word-of-the-mouth marketing. And for a short period of time, we have grown our customer base. Their trust and loyalty kept us at our feet, and thus, we are humbled, grateful, and inspired to become #1 in everything we do.


“Eco Movers has remained as the top-rated moving company in TradeMe.”

Just Perfect!

” I liked these guys. They told me from the very beginning I’d need to be flexible on times. And I had no problem with that given they do not charge as much as other companies. Guys who delivered our furniture were considerable and friendly. Would definitely hire again! “

– Elena_fi


” Fantastic service, professional, economical, friendly and helpful staff. Had to book them on the day of the move due to another mover who ditched me. These guys were ready to help and came for the job within 45 minutes. Highly recommend their service and will definitely use them in the future. “

– Krishnah1

Wow amazing!

” Really great service, very friendly and accomodated my request at very short notice. Highly recommend these guys. Will use again in the future. Thanks. “

– Lucyearnshaw

Our Story

It all began in the absence of trust and credibility.

I was once a customer in the lookout of a good and reliable house moving and logistics company, who can handle my shipment with proper care. So I went to the Internet to research for a good moving and logistics company within Auckland. Unfortunately, upon reading the horror stories on customer review websites, most of these companies, even the well known house moving company, did not meet my expectation.

I found out that it is hard to get the professional level of service that I want. Not only there is a lack of reliable movers in the area, I have also realized that the staffs are unfriendly and are incapable of taking good care of my belongings. In short, they just did their job. Nothing more.

I received a service that is not exceptional at all.

That bad experience, the lack of trust and credibility, gave me the idea of building my own house moving and logistics team, who can deliver a job that will exceed every customer’s expectation.

House Movers Auckland
House Movers Auckland

In 2012, Eco Movers & Logistics was born. We are a team of professionals who are trained to provide quality house moving logistics services. We go beyond just getting the job done. We treat our clients like family and we take care of their shipments like our own.

Moving forward to this day, we now have around 5,000 loyal customers in New Zealand and abroad, we have employees working locally and internationally, we also have partners in over 150 countries in the moving and logistics industry, and we have created additional products and services to the brand line:

House Movers Auckland
House Movers Auckland
House Movers Auckland
House Movers Auckland

Our growing company was a result of consistent care for our clients. Their trust and loyalty have made us the top logistics company in Auckland. We excel because of our customers. Eco Movers is not just a logistics company. We transform how we move things to set the standards others try to live up to.

House Movers Auckland
House Movers Auckland

Mark Kariyawasam
CEO, Eco Movers & Logistics