Hiring Auckland House Movers? Read This Ultimate Checklist Before Moving
19 Sep
September 19, 2019
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The first question that every resident in Auckland may be asking when moving location is probably this: “Should I DIY my move or should I hire house movers?”

Well, that depends, actually. If you are moving with less stuff and only to a few blocks away from your old location, then it is smart to DIY your house move.

However, it’s a different story when you have a large house, with more than 3 family members, and you need a long-distance move.

Logically, the bigger your house is and the more family members you have in the house, the more stuff you have to deal with as well. Then it is but practical to hire professional house movers.

You need to understand as well that the “extra cost” of hiring Auckland house movers does not really matter. What matters is the time and effort you will spend when moving from a large house. Imagine the work you have to deal with from packing your things to transferring everything to your new home.


The problems with DIY house move or self-moving

When you think that DIYing your house move can save you a lot of expenses, think again. Here are specific problems that are likely to arise when you choose to DIY your move:

Problem 1:

With a lot of stuff to move, you will still need a moving truck in Auckland, and probably you will prefer the cheapest rate available to save some cash. But then, this rate is just for the truck rent. There will likely be some extra charges for gas and toll (if any) too. Then of course, there is the extra cost for the insurance.

Another downside of renting a cheap truck for house move is the truck drivers may not be skilled or equip enough to properly move your things. And worst scenario would be if the truck driver lost your belongings. This is the kind of loss that you will never recover since some personal stuff are not replaceable.

Problem 2:

Money aside, another problem you will deal with is the amount of time and energy required to move your things. Everything will take longer than expected, especially if you will pack your own things, carry them on the truck, orchestrating things inside the truck so nothing will be broken inside when moving, filling up the truck’s gas tank, and so on.

The problems above showed that it is but practical to simply hire professional moving guys in Auckland to save some time, effort, and unwanted costs that may likely happen when you move things yourself.


Why is it a better option to hire professional furniture movers instead?

Eco Movers staff moving furniture


If you live in Auckland, it is better to hire a local mover to help you instead of hiring the most reputable house mover you see online. Why? Simply because local movers can save you some costs on distance and there won’t likely be any delays when it comes to service and your moving date.

Here are the other benefits when hiring local Auckland house movers:

  1. Prompt customer service

Most Auckland Kiwi movers can be contacted through phone and chat. Some moving companies also provide 24/7 customer service, which gives you convenience and accessibility all the time. Some house moving companies need to visit your location to provide you with an exact quote. There are also some who only need a list of your items and you will be provided with an instant quote once you submitted them all needed information.

  1. Cheaper rates

By cheaper rates, this does not necessarily mean the lowest price available for local moving. As explained previously, you can save costs on unexpected expenses and also save yourself from headaches on the risks of doing things your own.

  1. Guaranteed care and security

Professional moving solutions companies have skilled, trained, and experienced staff to properly assist you in all your moving needs. It is likely that you will have a problem with your things, especially if you choose to hire only the top-rated Auckland house movers.


A checklist for hiring the most suitable Auckland house movers for your moving needs

  • Look for recommendations

Start asking your family and friends for local moving companies that they hired before. You can instantly get 2-3 good movers within Auckland.

You may also search online for house movers within your area. Google instantly displays all local business movers near you.

Then of course, you can go to Trade Me and search for local movers in Auckland. This website also has a list of verified movers in your area.

  • Research and screen your top 3 choices

It is good to choose the top 3 local movers. To choose your top 3, spend some time researching more about these companies so you know which moving company suits your needs. You can simply do all the research and screening online. Google business list and Trade Me both displays verified reviews for house movers in your area. You can spend time reading these reviews to know your top provider for your house move.

Here is an example of real customer reviews for Eco Movers & Logistics in Google and Trade Me:


                                                   Google Business reviews for Eco Movers & Logistics

Google Business reviews for Eco Movers & Logistics

                                                      Trade Me reviews for Eco Movers & Logistics

Trade Me reviews for Eco Movers & Logistics


  • Time to call their office

Call all 3 companies and inquire about their services, rates, and request them for a quotation. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Clearing things up will help you decide which house moving company to hire.

  • Review the estimate

Review the given estimate well. This will be your basis for choosing the right house mover. If you have further questions or concerns, better to ask the support first before you agree to pay for anything. Also take note that not all cheaper rates are good deals. You need to take into consideration what are the things provided, the extra costs (if any), and so on.

  • Hire the right local mover

Once you have done your selection, it is time to call the right house mover and set the moving schedule with them. Double check all the details with them so there won’t be any problem with your house move.


Steps for a hassle-free house move

Planning ahead of your moving date can save you a lot of future problems. Here is a step-by-step guide to assist you with an organized and hassle-free move:

  1. Decide which items to keep and which items to throw.

    Do this in every room of your house. TIP: While you are at it, also note the things that need special packing or items that need special insurance.

  1. Keep everything in folder.

    All paperwork and important notes about your upcoming move such as the estimates, receipts, and etc. should be kept in one folder for easy tracking and access.

  2. Order supplies.

    Once you got your things sorted out, you will have an idea what supplies you need for your move. These supplies include boxes, tapes, bubble wraps, pen markers, etc. TIP: Some local house movers offer packing services too. They will be in charge of the supplies as well. You may want to call your moving company if you need help with packing your things.

  1. Start packing.

    For items that you do not use a lot, start packing them in boxes, weeks before the moving date to minimize the work you will do for the coming weeks. TIP: Be sure to label each box with all its content to help you with the inventory. You may also want to separate valuables like jewelry and documents in one box.

  1. Double check everything before the moving date.

    Once you are ready to move, make sure that you reconfirm with your house moving company about the moving schedule and make clear instructions to them of the important details like how your movers can get to your location, your contact number, and so on.

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How much does it cost to hire local movers in Auckland?

The pricing for house moving jobs depends on many factors like the size of the house and the location. Also, the difficulty to reach your location as well as the difficulty of moving the items can also influence the pricing of house moving jobs.

But to give you an idea on the costs for a house moving job in Auckland, it can cost around $100/hour, which usually includes a moving truck and 2 movers. This price is usually a move within Auckland city. The price differs if you are moving outside Auckland or overseas.

If you want to avail packing services, the prices can be around $65/hour for 1 packer. The rate can already include the packing materials, which is great for convenience.

These prices are based on Eco Movers & Logistics rate only. It can vary with the company you want to hire.




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